A World Beneath The War
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"An excellent tool for history teachers. Shows how a technological superpower could be soundly defeated by an intrepid nation of barefoot peasants. Highly recommended."

"An intriguing perspective on history."

The School Library Journal
by Scott Johnson, Meridian Community College, MS
December 1997

"A World Beneath the War refers to the labyrinth of tunnels the Vietnamese dug in most villages to escape the American bombing of their country from 1964 to 1972. This enlightening film, from the Vietnamese point of view, contains black-and-white archival footage of life in the tunnels and current color shots of the tunnels today. Some of the tunnels collapsed during the bombing raids and became mass graves for thousands of Vietnamese citizens. Clearly and richly narrated by Marlene Sanders, TV News Correspondent, the film provides reminiscences of what life was like in the Vinh Linh tunnels and the medical/psychological problems associated with the war (arthritis, lack of vitamin C and D, mental flashbacks of bombings and atrocities witnessed, etc.). Many short interviews with Vietnamese survivors and one American POW point out the discrepancies in memories of what happened during the war. No stereotypes are shown, and the comments of those interviewed reflect a surprising lack of hatred for what the Americans did to Vietnam. The Teacher's Resource Guide provides much helpful background information."

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